From single models to large armies, we can paint all with our miniature painting service



Just 6 orders per year. If you’re lucky enough to be a chosen one, you’ll witness first hand one of the best quality standards all around the world



Any diorama you may desire for your exhibition/collection will be crafted/built/put together



If there is enough room available, you could ideally have a wide battlefield to play all your games


We are an experienced and professional company dedicated to miniature painting service


If you’re on this website, you are likely a lover of everything wargame, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, staging or just miniatures in general. If that’s the case, we’re pleased to welcome you to the White Weasel Studio experience!

Wargames are our passion and we devote most of our time to this hobby. We put all our effort into turning anything you imagine into reality.

We’re positive you’ll enjoy our work!

Who we are/but… Who are we?

White Weasel Studio is one of the biggest miniature painting service companies in UK. We are an innovative company in the miniature painting business, and we’ve managed to build a professional, reliable service that didn’t even exist some years ago.

White Weasel Studio is capable of taking over any kind of project: from just a single miniature to a high level such as a Warhammer 40K Space Marines Primarch or even large armies of any kind including Orks, Tau Empire or Eldar Craftworlds.


Are you really that big?

We are one of the few studios in the world that can manage and paint epic-size projects with fair pricing and very high quality from the very beginning.

With more than 15 people including painters, sculptors specialized in conversions, professional that can create any diorama or scenery you wish as well as freehands or custom-made basing, we are very proud of how far we’ve come.

We are a completely legal, registered and professional company; and painting miniatures, designing dioramas and working on basing are the activities in which we put all our time and effort.

You’ll get from us the best qualities and we’re constantly working on improving and outdoing ourselves.


Our Experience

We’ve been familiar with this hobby for several years, mostly inspired by Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000. We have completed all kinds of orders, from Forgeworld detachments to massive Space Marines armies. In other words, you can trust us with your miniature project and you don’t need to worry anymore about it.

Do you want to see it with your own eyes? Take a peek at our gallery!

Where do we work?

Our company is located in one of the biggest cities in Spain: Zaragoza. From there, we have expanded to 4 continents and we have been successful at turning our headquarters into a dream place for every painter with all the tools and paints available.

Due to all this, we have plenty of creative possibilities available to get any project done; and we always try to make one-of-a-kind pieces.


What do we stand for?

PASSION: We firmly believe that passion is really needed nowadays. It motivates us in our daily lives and pushes us to try to reach perfection. Sharing this passion is not only a reason for our happiness but also a responsibility that we are willing to take over.


COMMUNITY: This great hobby is also a group of people with similar values and ways to spend time. We are pleased to be part of this community, and like that, we would like to add value to every miniature enthusiast.


INSPIRATION: Our job is constantly driven by continuous inspiration. We are certain that by using our imagination and diving into fantastic worlds we can bring colors forgotten from our reality back. Having said that, our goal is to pass our inspiration on and bring it to our clients.