1. Are the prices for a single model or a unit?

The price in all categories is per miniature.

  1. Do you accept orders?

Well of course! That’s our job. If you need anything from miniature painting serviceminiature conversionsculptingminiature assemblyminiature cleaningcustom scenerycustom dioramas, or anything else related to the hobby of wargames, do not hesitate! Contact us!

  1. Can you buy the miniatures?

Of course. We buy them with retail prices.

  1. What information do you need to prepare a budget?

Name, email address, country and city, amount and type of miniatures, if we have to buy the miniatures or not, if we have to assemble and/or do some conversions, if you want to magnetize some parts, and the level of painting.

  1. Do you do international shipping?

Yes. We have customers of our miniature painting service from many parts of the world like USAUKCanadaGermanyPortugalFranceSpain and Australia.

  1. Can I visit your studio?

Sure! Let us know when and we’ll prepare some welcome snacks and drinks.

  1. Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our minimum order is £120.

  1. Do you accept orders for a single miniature?

Yes. But the costs will be somewhat higher depending on whether the model is part of a complete army.

  1. We are a club of players, will we have any special offers?

In White Weasel Studio we provide our best painters in order to achieve excellent miniatures. Therefore, contact us at any time to see the types of volume discounts we can do.

  1. Do you have an adequate and safe packaging? Are my miniatures safe?

Yes. We have the world’s safest packaging. We have never had any problems. All your models are carefully protected.

  1. Can I choose the artist or artists who will carry out my project?

In theory, you can. However, in that case it’ll take much longer to complete your project and it will be more expensive.

  1. Can I have a tutorial on how you’ve painted my miniatures?

It depends. We don’t normally explain our working methods, but we can tell you what colours we’ve used.

  1. Does the price of the painting include the cost of the miniature?

No. The cost of the model is calculated separately.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.



  1. Can you make anything I want?

Yes. Anything you can imagine or anything that you’ve read or seen in books, magazines, movies or the Internet, we can make it.

  1. Is there a minimum order?

You don’t need to order us a huge game board with a lot of modules and elements of scenery together. You can create it little by little. However, the minimum order is £150 for custom scenery services.

  1. So can I order scenery elements separately?

Of course you can. You may have in mind a huge battlefield and prefer to go slowly, gradually adding elements and ideas. Perfect, we will prepare each element separately, from a couple of houses in ruins to a very impressive centre piece.

  1. Can I extend my collection of scenery in the future?

Sure! We have a database of all customer orders, including materials used, manufactured items, plans, colours and other useful information. This way we guarantee that each new element you add to your collection is perfectly integrated with the rest.

  1. My space at home is limited, are the boards in one piece?

No. When the dimensions are too large to be manageable, we opt for customized modular solutions that will suit your needs of storage space at your home, maintaining the same quality in both design and results.

  1. I would like the same scenery theme that I already have in my army, can I choose colours?

Of course you can. In fact, we believe it’s always better for you to tell us how you want it so we can do exactly what you imagined.

  1. How many details do I have to provide in order to place an order?

It is not necessary to give us huge amounts of material. We are used to creating all kinds of scenery from scratch, but if you bring us references it will be easier for us to do what you want.

Anyway don’t worry, before making it we’ll send you somesketches and drawings so you can see how it will look like.

  1. We are a club of players, will we have some kind of offer?

Yes! Contact us and we will see what discounts and advantages you can get.

  1. Do you only make scenery for wargames?

Pretty much, but have made commissions of all kinds: from weapons and armor to cosplaysscenic boards for board gamesdisplays for your miniatures and a lot of different projects.

  1. How many projects are youable to manage?

Our current work team allows us to manage 3 projects simultaneously. It is the maximum that we accept to ensure the highest quality in all our products.

We have a production line that follows a chronological order. Thus, we can minimize the cost and time of manufacture and delivery.

  1. Do your sceneries really last that long?

Definitely, yes. We work with elements and materials with high resistance to wear and tear and time, which are not degraded at all.

  1. I ‘ve been using the same scenery for a long time, can you make me a discount on the new scenery you make me if I give you the old one?

You may have been using the same board for a long time and wish to replace it with a new one. Or maybe you’ve put aside Warhammer Fantasy to delve into the world of Warhammer 40,000. No problem, we’ll price your board and we’ll apply a direct discount on your new scenery project.

  1. I’m in! I want to place an order, what steps should I take?

First of all, write us an email telling us what you want and the ideas that you have in mind. We will contact you immediately to start talking about the details of the project.

  1. What deadlines do you have?

It basically depends on the production queue and the size of your project. Along with the budget that we’ll send to you, you’ll find an estimated timeline of when your project will be started and how long it will take until it’s completed.

In order to ensure a minimum delivery time and ensure that your project is in your hands as soon as possible, you can make a reservation on our waiting list.

  1. How does the waiting list work?

Our waiting list is quite long, as each project usually takes up quite some time. This means that we cannot cover every year huge amounts of projects.

We manage our teams with 3 scenery orders at the same time, and until a project is not completely finished, we don’t start the next one.

As the year begins, we start with the first 3 projects, and from there, the next ones are scheduled.

So we offer the possibility of making a reservation on the waiting list. In any case, before you decide to make a reservation, we will inform you of how many orders there are before yours.

To join the waiting list you will only have to pay a small amount of the total budget non-refundable, as a deposit.

We guarantee that the waiting list is only occupied by customers who really want to carry out their projects. Obviously, the amount paid will be deducted from the total budget when the time of the final payment comes.

  1. Will I know the status of my project at all times?

Yes. You will receive regular updates of your order, so it’s easy to see its evolution. Also, if you have any questions, you can write or call us at any time.

  1. What is the cost of custom scenery?

It depends on the total volume of the project. Custom features determine everything. There are commissions ranging from a sacrificial altar to a huge apocalyptic battlefield where you can display armies of thousands of points.

  1. When do I have to pay?

Once your project is about to start, a payment of 50% of the total is required as a deposit. When it’s finished and ready to be shipped, the remaining 50% must be transferred.

If the project is very ambitious, you may request to pay in monthly payments if it’s more convenient for you.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

  1. How does shipping work? How will I receive my order?

We always seek the best solution for each project. Even the bulkiest orders have our own delivery service.