Assembling Miniatures prices:

Standard Infantry Goblins/Orcs/Humans $2.00-3.00
Space Marines Tactical/Chaos Raptors $3.00-4.00
Characters on foot/Terminators/Infinity Marneus Calgar/Fusiliers/Aquila Guard $4.00-5.00
Monstrous Infantry XV8 Crisis/Ironguts/Ogryns $7.00-9.00
Cavalry/Bikes Reiksguard/Space Marine Bikes/Eldar Jetbikes $8.00-10.00
War machines Catapults/Cannons/Chariots $12.00-16.00
Walkers Dreadnoughts/Wraithlord/XV88 Apocalypse $15.00-25.00
Tanks Rhino/Chimera/Leman Russ/Falcon $15.00-25.00
Flyers/Heavy Walkers Stormalon/Voidraven Bomber/Gorkanaut $20.00-50.00
Special Miniatures/Super Heavy Tanks Baneblade/Bloodthirster/Monolith $50+

We are experts in assembling the most complex miniatures

The first step in having an army ready for battle is to assemble it and prepare it for painting its miniatures later on.

Many fans feel frustrated when they begin separating the components of their miniatures from their sprues. It’s not an easy task and it takes quite a lot of time depending of the model. And the process doesn’t end there: you also need to remove burrs and then assemble each element.

But no worries, in White Weasel Studio we want your projects to look perfect and we take the preparation for painting very seriously so that we get the best results.

The assembly begins with the deburring and removal of all mold lines.

Then we proceed to wash all the components of the miniatures with warm water and mild soap.

After that, we assemble the models, placing all the necessary anchors.

Finally, we fill in the holes between the components that may remain with putty and we let them dry. When all these steps are done, the miniatures are ready to be primed!