We create custom and personalized scenery

In White Weasel Studio we create all sorts of high quality scenery from scratch. We follow all the instructions, photographs and designs that you send us because our goal is to live up to your expectations. And at the same time, your scenery will be completely playable.

We can imagine that if you’re reading this it’s because you’re a fan of this hobby.  We want you to play any type of wargame (Warhammer FantasyAge of SigmarWarhammer 40,000InfinityFlames of War, etc.) in a completely custom environment where you can unleash the full potential of your miniatures.

No matter the type or game system or scale you like, White Weasel Studio will make your dreams come true: medieval castlesfuturistic citiesforestsswampsdesertspost-apocalyptic citiesindustrial complexeshistorical battlefieldsouter space … With our custom scenery service great gametables that you’ve only seen in events and magazines can be right at your fingertips.


All our products, gametablesboards and scenery pieces are handmade and completely customized, making our best effort to offer exclusive products.

We only use high quality materials.

We are hobbyists and wargames lovers, so it’s clear to us that a good custom scenery should be visually appealing, playable and practical.

Our main goal is to satisfy and meet your expectations, and that’s why we dedicate the necessary time to each project. The final result? A personalized and unique scenery of the upmost level.


Surely you’re wondering: why choose White Weasel Studio to bring my wargames experience to another level?

The answer is simple, we are not limited by a product catalogue or a range of products that are created in a production chain from moulds. Everything we do is 100% customized and built according to your desires.

As usual in White Weasel Studio, all our custom scenery projects begin with a solid and continuous communication with the client, so we can be sure of everything you want: size, design, number of elements, colours, textures, etc.

As we progress in the project, a periodic feedback will be sent to you including pictures. This allows us to make any modifications you consider because we want to get exactly what you have in mind.