Elite division
Just the best of the best for the finest costumers. Only 6 orders per year.

Our highest quality standards in each miniature. Showcase staging included. Exclusive packaging with gifts.

What is the Elite Division?

They are orders that, unlike the others, it is our team who decides if they’re accepted or not following this procedure.

If they don’t accept the order in the Elite Division, we can still carry it out with our usual painting levels.

But, if you’re lucky enough to have one of your projects accepted you’ll be a first-hand witness of what we can do with staging, painting as well as packaging. You don’t need to choose a painting level since each miniature will be treated within our best standards and the scenery will be designed just for you.

Once your order is accepted we will send you an estimate itemized with each of the consignments included in it. If you accept it, you’ll only need yo pay 50% upfront, and the other 50% when it is finished (like any other order).

Is there a minimum amount of miniatures?

No. The choosing process has nothing to do with the number of miniatures but with the aesthetic possibilities that we can pull out of the project.

For example, if you just want us to paint 1000 Skaven slaves and have them surfacing through holes on the floor, it’ll probably won’t be up to the Elite standards, even though it is a high number of miniatures. But if your order consists of a Skaven army formed by the 4 great clans Moulder, Eshin, Skryre and Pestilens storming into an imperial city, even if it’s only a couple of hundreds it will certainly be good for Elite.

Okay, but I want something from Warhammer 40k, can I have another example?

Sure! Here you are, a real example: we were asked to do a whole Space Wolves chapter but it didn’t have any background, context, or anything like it, so it was discarded and it followed the normal painting routes.

However, if you’re thinking about a Tyranid invasion (think 250 or 300 Tyranids of all kinds) in a jungle or in a Hive city, it is very likely to be accepted, because the creative possibilities it brings are huge.